rikaichan 1.05

Changes in 1.05
  • Tweaked lookupbar search.
  • Adjust document size setting is now off by default.
  • SELECT/OPTION elements are now translated in Firefox 3.
  • Cleaner results when over RUBY elements, thanks to Akira.
  • Entries with multiple kana readings, but the same kanji and definition are now folded into one line.
  • Fixed (adj-i) entries were not detected properly.
  • Tweaked popup position.
  • Can now be enabled for the "current tab," "current browser" (default) or "all browsers." Go to Options:General to change this setting.
  • Added rules for -chau.
  • Added Henshall index in the kanji dictionary.
  • Key "Y" moves the popup 20 pixels down temporarily.
  • Key "B" moves the selection back 1 character, "N" moves the selection forward 1 word (longest matched), "M" moves the selection 1 character forward. Note: This only works *within the current element*.
  • Now installs in Firefox 3.1 and newer Thunderbird 3 betas.
*** Please use the latest dictionary files with this version.