Rikaichan 2.00

Version 2.00
  • Use an sqlite database for the dictionaries. This significantly reduces memory use, and speeds up turn-on time.
  • Multiple dictionaries can now be installed at the same time. Use ENTER, SHIFT or keys 1 to 9 while the popup is visible to cycle though the available dictionaries. The Options window can be used to set the order in which the dictionaries are shown.
  • Added a Download button in the Options:Dictionaries window.
  • Use the K key to make the popup stick(ier) and not hide it immediately. This should make it easier to select the content of the popup for copying to the clipboard. Thanks to Zork Zero for his help.
  • Added option "always enable at startup" under Options:General:Enable Mode.
  • Save string settings in Unicode. Thanks to Zork Zero.
  • Use default create mode when saving to a file to make it more compatible with Windows XP. Thanks to Andrew W.
  • The "D" key can now be used to hide the word's definition and show only the readings as a hint. This setting is also available in Options:Dictionaries. It does not affect copied/saved entries.
  • Work-around problem getting path in Firefox 3.7a6.