Tomato 1.06

It's only been a week, but here's 1.06... I wanted to clear this off quickly before I start working on something else (unrelated). Enjoy! :)
  • Fixed restore bandwidth doesn't work with IE.
  • Fixed executing a script via AOSS/SES button leaves zombies lying around.
  • Fixed scp to router not working.
  • Fixed reset/ses button on WRTSL54GS not working.
  • QOS htb burst does not use a fixed value anymore which may improve performance, especially for those with a high upload speed. If for some reason you want to use the old method: "nvram set qos_burst0=4; nvram set qos_burst1=2"
  • Added time zone for South Australia.
  • Added support for Asus WL-500G Premium without USB. Like the WRTSL54GS, this is a simple detection support without any additional USB goodies.