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» Rikaichan 3.02
The last version of Rikaichan can be downloaded here.

» Firefox v57+
Please note that Firefox v57+ no longer supports XUL-based addons like Rikaichan.

You can find alternative versions of Rikaichan (made by others) that will work in Firefox 57+ here:
If you still want to use this version of Rikaichan, you will need to use a Firefox-based browser that still support XUL-based addons like Firefox ESR (until around May 2018), Waterfox, Pale Moon and Basilisk.

» Rikaichan 3.xx
» Rikaichan 2.xx
» Installing in Thunderbird?

Dictionary Files

Please install one or more dictionary files to use with Rikaichan.

The files listed above are signed, but are no longer updated.

Unsigned Dictionary Files

The files listed above are not signed. These files will only work on Firefox-based browsers or older Firefox browsers that do not require a signed extension (Waterfox, Pale Moon, Basilisk, etc.).