Hiragana and Katakana Flash Cards

After a few changes to the Remembering The Kanji Flash Cards template, and thanks to Wikipedia's Hepburn Romanization article (and the inventor of copy & paste), we now have the Hiragana & Katakana Flash Cards.

This printable PDF includes the standard hiragana, katakana, and the extended katakana syllables - 249 flash cards in 21 double-sided pages.

Printing Instructions
Using the latest Adobe Acobat Reader:
  1. Set PAGE SCALING to NONE to get the ideal size on an 8.5" x 11" stock. Depending on the paper size and the printer that is used, this may need to be changed
  2. Print with SUBSET set to ODD PAGES.
  3. Flip the stack of cards, re-feed.
  4. Print with SUBSET set to EVEN PAGES.
For best results, print them on thick cardstocks available from most office supply stores.

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