Rikaichan 2.09

Version 2.09
  • Re-enabled the menus again by default. Sorry for the confusion everyone.

Rikaichan 2.08

Version 2.08
  • Fixed rules and handling of verbs.
  • Settings now use the extensions prefix. Users may need to re-enter the settings (sorry about this).
  • Refactored a few depreciated code.
  • Now runs with E10S enabled. This actually needs a lot more work (patches are welcome), but for now it will at least run with E10S enabled using compatibility shims.

Rikaichan 2.07

Version 2.07
  • Fix a problem parsing data (again).

Rikaichan 2.06

Version 2.06
  • Fix a problem with the context menu checkmark.
  • Fix a problem parsing the Warodai dictionary data.
  • Write the Unicode byte-order marker when saving to a new UTF-8 file. This can be disabled in the options.

Rikaichan 2.05

Version 2.05
  • Small fix: In Firefox 14 the toolbar button was always shown as pushed-in making it look like it was always enabled.

Rikaichan 2.04

Version 2.04
  • Fix Thunderbird tabs, conversation mode.
  • Fix Firefox "always start" not working correctly.
  • In Firefox, show toolbar icon by default. To remove: Right-click, customize, drag off the toolbar.

Japanese - Thai Dictionary for Rikaichan

Added a Japanese-Thai dictionary for Rikaichan, thanks to Paitoon Sae-Tang & Narupon Klong-Ngeon.


More Rikaichan dictionaries are available here.

The "No Error Preview Is Undefined" add-on ;)

This Firefox add-on is a work-around to prevent...

Error: preview is undefined
Source: resource://gre/modules/WindowsPreviewPerTab.jsm

...messages that litter the Error Console in Firefox 3/4/5 + Windows 7 when the last tab is closed (and closing last tab is enabled in the settings). Be aware that this disables Firefox's AeroPeek features.


Again, this is a work-around, not a real fix. I assume it will be fixed in Firefox 6.

Rikaichan 2.03

Version 2.03
  • Added a lookup box that you can add anywhere in the toolbar. Press ESC or double-click the popup to close the display. [how to customize the toolbar]
  • Added Firefox option to show the lookupbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Added option to hide "(X)" marked dictionary entries.
  • Fixed Firefox lookupbar positioning (again).
  • Fixed a few problems in Options dialog.

Rikaichan 2.02

Version 2.02
  • When a new dictionary is added, the Dictionary tab of the Options window is now shown to remind users that they can change the order.
  • The "d" key that hides/shows definition is now temporary and a restart will reset the setting. You can still change the default setting in the Options window.
  • When LookupBar is activated, it automatically uses the selected text.

Rikaichan 2.01

Version 2.01
  • Update install version for Firefox 4 (beta). The dictionaries have also been updated.
  • Fix: Not working after using middle button auto scroll.

Rikaichan 2.00

Version 2.00
  • Use an sqlite database for the dictionaries. This significantly reduces memory use, and speeds up turn-on time.
  • Multiple dictionaries can now be installed at the same time. Use ENTER, SHIFT or keys 1 to 9 while the popup is visible to cycle though the available dictionaries. The Options window can be used to set the order in which the dictionaries are shown.
  • Added a Download button in the Options:Dictionaries window.
  • Use the K key to make the popup stick(ier) and not hide it immediately. This should make it easier to select the content of the popup for copying to the clipboard. Thanks to Zork Zero for his help.
  • Added option "always enable at startup" under Options:General:Enable Mode.
  • Save string settings in Unicode. Thanks to Zork Zero.
  • Use default create mode when saving to a file to make it more compatible with Windows XP. Thanks to Andrew W.
  • The "D" key can now be used to hide the word's definition and show only the readings as a hint. This setting is also available in Options:Dictionaries. It does not affect copied/saved entries.
  • Work-around problem getting path in Firefox 3.7a6.

Rikaichan 1.08

  • Fixed: Status bar icon transparency (new icon was also repacked in 1.07a).
  • Fixed: Position was wrong when document was zoomed. Thanks to Zork Zero for his help.
  • Fixed: Position may be wrong when over a listbox.
  • Added: Option to disable the mini help display.

Rikaichan 1.06

Changes in 1.06
  • Fixed: "undefined entity" error when viewing some files. When this happens, the word is highlighted, but nothing is displayed.
  • Fixed: 'Exception: TypeError: document.getElementById...' in Thunderbird 3.0b2.
  • Now installs in SeaMonkey. Thanks to Alfredo F.
  • Added option to disable keys in Preferences:Keyboard.

The Middle Mouse Button

This is a very simple Firefox extension that will allow you to use the middle mouse button as a Go Back button. At the end of the browser history, it can also close the current tab.

Note: Some mouse drivers will set the middle mouse button to act as something else by default. You will need to disable that feature if you want to use this extension.

rikaichan 1.05

Changes in 1.05
  • Tweaked lookupbar search.
  • Adjust document size setting is now off by default.
  • SELECT/OPTION elements are now translated in Firefox 3.
  • Cleaner results when over RUBY elements, thanks to Akira.
  • Entries with multiple kana readings, but the same kanji and definition are now folded into one line.
  • Fixed (adj-i) entries were not detected properly.
  • Tweaked popup position.
  • Can now be enabled for the "current tab," "current browser" (default) or "all browsers." Go to Options:General to change this setting.
  • Added rules for -chau.
  • Added Henshall index in the kanji dictionary.
  • Key "Y" moves the popup 20 pixels down temporarily.
  • Key "B" moves the selection back 1 character, "N" moves the selection forward 1 word (longest matched), "M" moves the selection 1 character forward. Note: This only works *within the current element*.
  • Now installs in Firefox 3.1 and newer Thunderbird 3 betas.
*** Please use the latest dictionary files with this version.



TruncFix is a Firefox extension that provides a quick n' dirty workaround to the problem of filenames with spaces being truncated on some sites that produce an unquoted content-disposition header.

Download: truncfix.xpi
Requires: Firefox 2.x+


Rikaichan is a popup Japanese-English/German/French/Russian dictionary tool for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.