Tomato 1.16

Tomato 1.16
  • More logging, fixes for PPPoE support. Thanks to Walter & Markus for lots of testing.
  • Updated igmprt. This might fix a problem with it dying unexpectedly.
  • Updated squashfs.
  • Updated Dnsmasq 2.41.
  • Updated L7 2008-02-10.
  • Fixed route was changed incorrectly on renew when using L2TP.
  • Fixed ping page.
  • Behavior of how the WEP keys are handled has changed. Previous versions forced the selected key to #1 internally. If you encounter problems, please make sure the key # is correct, or use key #1 manually.
  • Behavior of WHR-HP-G54's Enhanced RX's (Adv/Wireless) has been swapped. Please verify that it's working correctly.
  • Support for DynDNS via HTTPS added.
  • A separate test build with newer drivers (-ND) is now available. It's for the WHR-G125 and WRH54G, but it will also work on a few other routers. Not a lot of testing has gone into this, and it will definitely *not* run correctly on all routers that run just fine on the "normal" firmware, so *please use with caution*. Thanks to George for making it work on the WHR-G125.